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Subway Trains
Gantry Crane

Railroad and Transit

Designing and manufacturing rail heating equipment and controls using the finest materials and components available, with an emphasis on energy conservation and cost effective product and system installations.

Overhead Crane

Providing solutions to overhead crane slippage caused by snow, ice and frost conditions, utilizing industrial heating cables, components and accessories for control and installation of the heating system.

Industrial Heat Trace

Manufacturing industrial constant wattage heating cables designed to provide freeze protection or viscosity maintenance for piping, valves, pumps, tanks, vessels, freezer floors and similar applications.

Rail and Industrial Heating

Thermal-Flex products are designed for efficient heating of all types of rail and industrial steel product installations.

  • Railroad Switch Heating
  • Crane Rail Heating
  • Third Rail Heating
  • Industrial Heating
  • Controls and Sensors

Our Products

Thermal-Flex Systems has been a leader in manufacturing railroad and transit switch heating systems and controls since 1976.  Our products are developed with an emphasis on energy conservation, designed for cost effective system installations, and manufactured to withstand the rigors of grueling railroad trackside environments.

Thermal-Flex Systems offers a wide range of railroad switch heating products, including the only flexible rail heating element in the industry, low profile lightweight crib heaters,  and many other railroad, transit, and industrial heating products and controls.

  • Railroad Switch Heating

    Rail and crib heaters, controls and components.

  • Crane Rail Heating

    Crane rail heating cable, controls and components.

  • Industrial Heating Cable

    Constant wattage heating cable and control systems.

  • Heating System Controls

    AC and DC control panels and accessories.

Industry Events

Be sure to visit Thermal-Flex at the following events.

2018 Rail Tech Conference

New England Rail Tech Conference to be held March 22, 2018 at the DCU Center, Third Floor, Worcester, MA.


58th Annual RSSI C&S Exhibition being held May 21-24, 2018 at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE.

Company Highlights

Thermal-Flex Systems insulated rail heater channel ensures maximum efficiency from your switch heating system. The aluminum or stainless steel channel can help to increase rail temperatures by as much as 40% versus non-insulated rail elements.

New Products or Services

Thermal-Flex Systems offers quick disconnect style connectors reducing the time it takes to change out system components.

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