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Thermal-Flex railroad switch heating products were initially developed more than 30 years ago evolving out of our effort in research, development and the manufacturing of stress relieving equipment, one of our first industrial heating product lines.  Our stress relieving equipment was widely used for relieving the internal stresses created in massive steel parts such as pipes, valves, and boilers, caused by the heat of welding.

Today, our railroad switch heating products incorporate some of the same materials and design techniques we utilized to develop our stress relieving equipment.  From our first designs and continued product development, Thermal-Flex Systems is able to offer a broad range of railroad switch heating products, including the only flexible rail heating element in the industry.

Over the years, thousands of our switch heating systems and products have been manufactured and delivered to U.S., Canadian and European railroads. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of repeated use in harsh environments, our products are used throughout the world by railroads, transit companies, major power facilities, engineering and construction firms, the U.S. Navy and many other manufacturing and service companies.

Our Specialization

Switch Heating Systems and Controls
Crane Rail Heating Systems
Industrial Heating Cable

Early Railroad Experience

The first Thermal-Flex Switch Heating System was installed in 1976 on a 30 foot spring switch for the main line of the Central Vermont Railway at White River Junction, Vermont.  This early design was later improved upon with the addition of two crib heaters in the switch rod area.

Further product development and system enhancements have resulted in the switch heating systems we offer today.  Thermal-Flex products are in use throughout North America and Europe under a diverse range of climatic and operating conditions.