TPE heat trace cable is a low temperature constant wattage heating cable. The cable is manufactured with a PVC or TPE insulation to keep costs low. The constant wattage heating design provides uniform heat as the wattage remains the same, regardless of circuit length. The cable heating zones are hand soldered and inspected to maintain 100% contact with the buss wires. The parallel resistance cable can be cut and terminated on site eliminating the need for inventories of different size heaters.

MultiTrace Specifications

  • Supply Power: 120, 240 Volts
  • Wattage: 2, 5, 9 Watts per Foot
  • Module Length 24″
  • Maximum Circuit Length 660′
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: 220º F (105º C)
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature: 260º F (127º C)
  • Dielectric Strength: Spark Test 4000 VAC
  • Buss Wire: 2/C #16 AWG (19/29) Bare Stranded Copper
  • Buss Insulation: TPE Extruded Jacket
  • Binder: Nominal 30 mil (TPE-Borealis No. 5595) Extruded in a Figure-8 Design
  • Heating Element: Nickel Chromium Resistive Wire #38, #39 or #40 AWG
  • Jacket: Nominal 30 to 40 mil (TPE-Borealis No. 5595) Extruded Overal
  • Approvals: UL and CSA