Switch Heater High Wattage Rail Heaters

Thermal-Flex High Wattage Rail Heaters provide optimum heat at the switch point.  The rail heater’s small diameter SlimLine connector slides easily behind track braces, and to minimize installation time, our spring steel track clips hold everything in place eliminating the need for rail drilling.

Our high wattage rigid rail heating elements are available in a wide range of voltages, wattages and lengths to satisfy any type of switch installation.

The rail heaters can be formed in 40” radius coils for easy shipping and storage or crated to the heater length.


    • 100 to 600 Watts per Foot
    • Voltage to 750 Volts
    • High Temperature Incoloy or Stainless Steel Sheath
    • Tube Diameter 0.430″ to 0.490″
    • SlimLine Connector, 0.563″ Diameter
    • 10′ Foot #8 AWG DLO Leadwire
    • Rail Heaters are Clipped in Place
    • Insulated Rail Element Covers Available
    • Can be Shipped in Coils from 24″ Diameter or Crated to Heater Length

Switch Heating System – Single and Double Ended Rail Elements

When coupled with Thermal-Flex high density, thermally insulated aluminum or stainless steel covers, our rail heating elements are able to operate at maximum efficiency as heat is driven into the rail and not lost to the environment.  This highly efficient insulated design can increase rail temperatures by up to 40% versus non-insulated systems, permitting the use of lower wattage heating elements and resulting in significant savings on power.