Switch Heater Flexible Rail Heaters

Thermal-Flex spiral fluted rail heaters offer a solution to troublesome installations where switch components are not configured for rigid rail heater designs. This is often the case with older switch installations that do not have a provision in the rail bracing to accept a rigid rail heater. The flexible design solves this problem as it is easily formed around rail braces.

Our flexible rail heaters provide up to 150 W/ft. of power at the switch point. And the flexible design gives track personnel the ability to quickly install a switch heating system without having to remove rail bracing or needing to drill the rail to install mounting hardware.


    • Spiral Fluted Tube Increases Heating Capabilities
    • Patented Internal Connector Compensates for Tube Expansion
    • Rail Temperatures 70° F Above Ambient
    • Tube O.D.: 0.570″ and Connector O.D.: 0.625″
    • Installation Behind or Around Rail Braces
    • 10′ Foot #8 AWG DLO Leadwire
    • Heaters are Easily Clipped in Place

Insulated Switch Heating System

Coupled with Thermal-Flex high density, thermally insulated aluminum covers, lower wattage rail heaters are able to operate at maximum efficiency as heat is driven into the rail and not lost to the environment.  This highly efficient insulated design can increase rail temperatures by up to 40% versus non-insulated systems resulting in significant savings on power.