Hot Box Detector Heater

Thermal-Flex Hot Box Detector Heaters are designed for snow and ice removal in and around the detector area. The hairpin heating element design simplifies installation by bringing both lead wires out to a central point for termination while our mounting hardware ensures the element is properly positioned to maximize snow melt. Alternately, our single ended heating element design can be mounted to the stock rail and fixed in place with our thermally insulated aluminum covers and rail clips.


  • 100 to 300 Watts per Foot at the Specified Voltage
  • High Temperature Incoloy or Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Single and Double Ended Heating Element Designs
  • Various Lengths Available
  • Insulated Covers for Protection and Maximum Heat
  • Heaters are Clipped in Place for Quick Installation
  • Installations Either Side of the Rail or Under the Detector
  • 12′ Foot Pigtail Leads

Specialty Heating Elements

Thermal-Flex hot box detector heaters are part of our specialty heating elements product group, products designed to address additional trackside heating applications. These product designs provide heating solutions for dragging detectors, train stop detectors and similar products helping to clear snow and ice for optimum detector operation.