Train Stop Heater

Thermal-Flex Train Stop Heaters are designed to prevent snow and ice buildup around a wide range of train stop arms and installation configurations.  Our train stop heaters are available in simple hairpin designs to more complex geometries to fit virtually any train stop configuration.  We offer standard products and custom designs.


  • 200 to 800 Watts
  • Voltage to 750 Volts
  • High Temperature Incoloy or Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Standard Length 30″ Inches
  • Custom Lengths and Geometries Available
  • Zinc Plated or Galvanized Mounting Hardware
  • #10 to #6 AWG 2000 Volt DLO Leadwire

Specialty Heating Elements

Thermal-Flex train stop heaters are part of our specialty heating elements product group, products designed to address additional trackside heating applications. These product designs provide heating solutions for dragging detectors, hot box detectors and similar products helping to clear snow and ice for optimum detector operation.