750 Volt DC Knife Switch

The Thermal-Flex Knife Switch was designed primarily for transit use to manually operate third rail heating equipment. The simple yet effective design offers a high level of protection for high voltage manual switching applications.


  • Enclosure Material: 3/16″ Thk. Min. Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Laminate
  • 1000 VDC 30 Amp SPDT Knife Switch
  • 3 to 30 Amp Fuse
  • LED Light
  • Stainless Steel Operating Handle
  • Vulcanized Rubber Handle Grip

Knife Switch

The Thermal-Flex knife switch features a weather-tight enclosure with drip edge on the top suface to effectively seal out the elements and protect the internal components. Hardware is brass, bronze or stainless steel. All metal parts brought into the enclosure are insulated or shielded.